tour eiffel By making e-Invoicing mandatory to public sector by 2020, the process of adoption to businesses is now right on track in France.

In spite of a European election that has turned into a political settling of scores, France confirm every day its alignment on the European positions and makes echo to the e-Invoicing Directive. Along with the simplification law decided under Hollande Presidency and voted by the French parliament in late 2013, e-Invoicing to public sector is probably the most notable provision among several measures that aims to “facilitate the life” of the SME’s like accelerating payments.

The legislative process is now well engaged with a law enforcement by the State Council expected by the end of june. The concertation process has fulfilled all expectations with the agreement of the French association of the mayors that represents local authorities among a total of 78 000 public bodies. With an estimated volume of 95 millions invoices a year for the whole public sector (compared to the 5 millions for the state only) figures are huge !

The mission has been assigned to AIFE, the IT agency of the Ministry of finances in charge of CHORUS (the French State accounting system and invoicing platform) with mandate to secure the deployment, presumably through a single point of contact that would serve as an interchange platform between economic operators, service providers and public authorities.
Considering the magnitude of this project, an incremental entry into force is contemplated every year starting with large companies the 1st January 2017 and ending with the very small enterprises the 1st of January 2020.

Thierry AMADIEU - Open PEPPOL France