In the last months, TACD Cartena, liaising with Ministry of Finance agency AIFE, has carried out an intensive piece of work along with PAGERO, one of the leading PEPPOL service providers in Europe to ensure end to end testing and technical interoperability to the French eInvoicing platform.
PAGERO, leading eInvoicing service provider and PEPPOL certified access point well known in the eInvoicing and healthcare market especially in the Nordic countries expands operations throughout Europe. In France, PAGERO connection to CHORUS PORTAL PRO, the French public sector gateway to is now fully operationnal. “As founder of TACD Cartena and Open PEPPOL correspondent in France, I am very happy to see the PEPPOL galaxy growing” says Thierry AMADIEU. With PAGERO FRANCE, many organizations including several northern Europe suppliers are now in a position to easily reach the French public entities over the PEPPOL network or through EDI without making major changes to their billing system or ERP. Our mission at TACD Cartena was to provide an external technical project management resource to PAGERO and, with our experience of CHORUS, anticipate the alignment to the technical specifications or specific business requirements and organize the technical developments. 3 months later, after the testing phase, PAGERO is in a position to carry out end to end eInvoicing transfer in in the pre-production and then production environment with the 15 pilots selected by AIFE as representative sample of the whole public sector in France.