Poland aims to develop a centrally managed gateway for eInvoicing and joining OpenPEPPOL last month confirms its commitment to EU standards

In comparison to CHORUS PRO portal, the french gateway, the polish project of Platform (PeF) is very alike. A one stop portal for eInvoicing desserving the whole public sector. The ambition of the polish authority goes somewhere beyond. The platform will be able to manage not only eInvoicing but eOrdering. This mean handling all transactions supporting the supply chain management like DesAdv, RecAdv and reporting. This would greatly facilitate order-invoice reconciliation currently out of scope of the french platform leaving that process to an outside loop between suppliers and contracting authorities.

Becoming a member of OpenPEPPOL , a non profit association representing the EU strong arm of the European Commission for the deployment of standards in the public procurement along with the next European norme, Poland definitely sticks to EU standards proritizing the EU roadmap. Deciding to devolve to PEPPOL and its four corners model infrastructure network using SMP adressing, PeF will be irrigated by several PEPPOL access certified points selected after a call of interest expected for the 2nd quarter of 2017. The platform is expected to be up and running in Q3 2018.

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