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Bid to a public tender on an International base

How to secure your tender process in targeting multiple markets ?

Addressing multiple markets in Europe could be a fastidious and difficult task.
Beyond european common bidding criteria, every country has its own regulation. In that framework, respond to a tender requires to be aware of specific legislation and the correspondence between attestations from one country to another.

A second issue comes with the presentation of your offer :
Talking the same language with the purchaser is essential and makes the difference between winning or losing.

By the way, how to secure the signing process ?
Using e-Signature is very convenient to submit your offer at distance. But how to be sure that your electronic certificate is conformant to the level of qualification required by the recipient country ?

Finally, how to process electronically your bid ?
Dealing with multiple platforms may be touchy, particularly if e-tendering process is unfamiliar to you.

How to proceed Intend ?

Respond to a public tender with Intend is like aligning Lego bricks.
Of course you will not entrust a fully automated process. For that reason, Intend is a consultancy service of experts in public procurement that will take care and address every aspect of your bid.

Thierry AMADIEU as expert in public procurement and e-Procurement contributes to Open PEPPOL and e-SENS european programs aiming to better interoperability in the internal market.
Thierry BEAUGE as legal adviser and practitioner in public procurement has participated to the e-Tendering expert group and advised the European Commission on legal issues in public procurement.

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